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ACAD DWG to Image Converter

User quotes

I am indeed enjoying the new CAD to Image Software. The new functionality is just amazing. I recently had to provide PDF copies of over 400 drawings to a customer. What would have taken me all day took just over 1 1/2 hours with the batch function. I was very, very pleased with the ease of use, the setup options, and the speed with which the image's were generated.

Thomas A. Romanisko, P.E.,

I have just installed CAD to Image on my computer. My first impressions are that it's really convenient, efficient and flexible.

Michelle Dodd,

The AcroCAD product has proven to be an extremely useful tool which meets my specific needs quite well and saves my company money. It's user friendly and amazing in its versatility. We made a great deal when we purchased the software!

Linda Hammer,

Great DWG to PDF Converter. Accurately converts DWG files to PDF quickly and easily.

Gideon King,

I really like AcroCAD Pushbutton software!!!! It is just what Architectural Desktop needed to make printing and sharing files with clients easy.

Barbara Nordlund, P.A.,

You people have a great product!! Adobe PDF comes nowhere close for speed, ease of use, and lack of hassles.

Bob Keen,